Our pay per click promoting techniques are intended for our customers to encounter an expansion in qualified traffic while additionally observing bigger conversions and conversions rates. Reach the correct audience, at the opportune time, on the correct stage through a paid media showcasing strategy. Learn with 3S about the customer’s business, site, and competition keeping in mind the end goal to give clear documentation to be utilized all through every single other phase of the project.

Overall Project Brief

Characterize customer data and business objectives alongside all required data to legitimately complete discovery process. Make a analysis for current paid media execution in view of analytics, landing pages, and current campaign statistics. Characterize target keywords for AdWords, or other PPC campaigns in view of business objectives laid out in the project brief and distinguish opportunities from the paid media review. Characterize PPC contenders and ad copy based on keyword research and decide areas of pros and cons.

Paid Media Strategy, Review and Implementation

Customise all paid search, display, remarketing, PPC advertising, and social media advertising campaigns, including landing page proposals, ad copy, focusing on alternatives, and spending plan. Record quantifiable long and short term objectives to assess campaign performance. Change site copy based on a cohesive content strategy to reflect focused keywords found amid the keyword research phase. Execute edits to the site’s coding in view of the technique suggestions. This could incorporate changes to landing page elements such as Meta descriptions, internal links, or anything that would help support the overall target of the campaigns.


Based on short and long term performance, change bids, ads and landing pages. These performance can be observed on various preset time period.