Hire Dedicated

Why Avail This Service?

Recruiting competent employees is essential for any business. Generally, large companies have entire departments dedicated to recruiting the perfect candidates. However, small businesses usually lack these resources. This is where outsourcing hiring to a professional employment agency comes in.

Outsourcing talent acquisition is beneficial for any business size for six reasons.

Time Saving – Hiring the right candidate is time consuming. Seeding the job notice on employment sites, writing the notice and short listing eligible candidates for an interview can take weeks to months. That’s time your staff isn’t using to focus on your company’s core strengths. Even if they had the time, they don’t have much practice in the process so inefficiency would creep in. A professional recruitment agency has experience hiring and screening candidates. Their business is built on this.

Money Saving – Building an entire human resources department is expensive. It will cost your business year-round with salaries, benefits and extra amenities that need to be provided. With an outside employment agency, you just pay for the period you hired it.

Knowledge of the Recruitment Market – Staffing agencies have a better understanding of the recruitment market. They have a database of candidates with different skills suitable for the vacant position. They understand the current salary rates and can provide you with valuable information about the recruitment process. As competent as your staff is, your business likely isn’t hiring year-round which means that when they need to hire, they may be rusty.

Additional Tasks – Employment agencies handle every step in the hiring process except for the interview. They screen the job applications, shortlist candidates, communicate with the applicants, do background checks and complete the documentation. They take care of everything so you have only the best, most qualified candidates to choose from.

Complete Dedication – Even if your company has a human resource department, it has a lot of other work to do besides recruitment. Sometimes, the search for candidates needs to take a back seat to the needs of your employees. By hiring a professional staffing agency, you’ll have a team of dedicated professionals focused on the recruitment process and nothing else.

Extended Reach – Recruitment agencies have access to different networks and can use multiple channels to search for the candidates with the best potential. They take care of posting the job openings at multiple recruitment portals and sending job descriptions to the eligible candidates. They have an extended reach and can connect with passive or selective candidates as well.